My journey into vaping

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MyBlu – surprisingly good

20180227_193128I got myself this little pod system cigalike from a special offer run by Blu. It’s self actuating, with no fire button. To vape it you just take a draw. I wasn’t expecting much from it, but oh boy was I surprised. This is a really good first proof of concept that may actually be good enough to allow someone to switch. It’s reasonably cheap to buy, although I think the price point could have been set a little lower. It vapes not badly at all, with just a very little spit back. The flavour from it is not bad at all. The whole mouth piece at the top is a sealed pod that contains an eliquid (35% VG) and the coil and wick. At £5.99 for three pods – 6ml of juice – it looks a little pricey to run, but that does include a new coil for every 2ml. That cost could be lowered by the adventurous willing to pop the base off a pod and refill it.

I blew through my first pod on this in about 5 hours and vaped the battery dead. However it does charge reasonable quickly. I’d vaped it totally flat and it took 40 minutes to charge. The usual charge time seems to be less than that, although closer to half an hour than the 20 minutes promised on the box. It is a good mouth to lung vape, but it is actually possible to DL on this thing and it survives it quite well.

The MyBlu is now living in my handbag for those stealth-vape necessary moments and for when my big set ups aren’t appropriate. The real bonus for me is that these little pods come sealed in incredibly tough plastic, so even loose at the bottom of my bag they’ll stay clean and won’t leak everywhere. I’d suggest this for anyone who can’t be bothered with the faff of a tank to start with. I’d also suggest it for vapers looking for a discrete device that takes up very little room and comes with the added convenience of leak-free eliquid.


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Win £100 of vape gear with – Competition now closed

It was my three year Vape anniversary last Saturday. It was easy, and I feel like a fraud accepting congratulations for it. To celebrate I’ve teamed with who also supplied the Glory Glaze, the Tesla Nano and the iSub V from my last two review posts. We want to give you the chance to win £100 of the Vape kit of your choice. The giveaway will begin on the 26th January and will end on the 17th February at  11.59pm.

Enter here:

Competition now closed.

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iSub V on a Tesla Nano 60w

20170121_140629When offered me a choice of shinies to review, I picked the shiniest they were offering. My Three year Vapeaversary was just coming up (it was last Saturday, the 21st) and which of us can resist a little bit of shiny hunting to celebrate the Vape? These two look so good together that I forgot at first that the iSub V comes with SS coils as standard, and the Tesla Nano does NI and TI modes in Temperature control mode. So I had to wait for some Ti coils to turn up before I could try this set up as it really should be tried.

The picture makes it look like the tank is the exact same blue, but it isn’t quite. It’s close enough so that these two look like a matching pair and the tank does sit nicely on the Tesla, no awkward gaps and not too top heavy looking.

Firs20170112_113755t the tank. The iSub V has solved some of my major gripes with this style of tank. It has
a wide open fill area, making it really simple to fill either with a nozzle bottle or a dripper. The tank isn’t huge, but the coil doesn’t take up all the space in there meaning that you get 3ml of space for juice. The top fill is easy to get at and I’ve only had it feel stuck the first time I’ve had to refill after a coil swap. It has a nice mechanism for the airflow adjuster too, and although it isn’t quite as open a draw as I would really like, it isn’t bad and it works for this tank, as I found out.

20170112_113913The coil swap is really good. As you can see from the picture I have the whole tank upside down in my hand with the lid still on. This means that any juice I have in there is perfectly safe. The coil simply pops out. You slip a new one in and you can’t get it wrong because the end of the coil that you can see there is shaped so that it can only fit in correctly. The only part that comes off to access this is the airflow, which can be wiped round and screwed back on. I’m told that these coils are lasting very well, which is nice to know.

20170121_140523Now the Tesla Nano 60w TC. This is a seriously nice little mod to hold in the hand. It has a lovely shape, slightly curved in all directions. It’s Zinc alloy and it isn’t a fingerprint magnet. This feels really solid in the hand, not so heavy that you’d want a crane to lift it after a couple of hours, but definitely there and not ready to slip out of my grip to a fumble. The fire button is on top of the mod. That took a little getting used to. It is really solid feeling and has a nice meaty click to it under your finger so that you know you’ve hit the button. The controls are pretty standard too, and I’m impressed by the fact that it doesn’t constantly nag with queries as to if I’ve changed coils. Five clicks to lock and unlock and there’s a power lock too which you access with a long press of the up button and the fire button together. The TC mode is got at by pressing both the power adjust buttons while the mod is locked, making it pretty much foolproof even for a beginner, damn it. A nice clear screen, with all the info right where you need it is the icing on the cake. Battery life is pretty impressive too, at the settings on the screen here, this is easily giving a full day while being swapped out with another set up with a different flavour in it. I’m told.

Together they make for a pretty good vape. It’s the best TC vape I’ve ever had, and I’m not all that keen on TC vaping in general. For me there seems to be a little bit of something lacking although I’ll take this set up over any of my others bar the Aspire. That’s still my number one, with this running in at second.  It just goes to show just how subjective vaping gear is though. Just after I took the picture at the beginning of this post I handed the whole thing over to Best Friend for him to have a try. I’m told I won’t be getting it back. For the first time in three years Best Friend is tasting the flavour of the juice in his vape and has done for four days now. There were loud noises of joy over my favourite caramel, and then the vape cupboard got raided. He is over the moon with it, and as that is his first upgrade from a Nautilus Mini at 12w, I call that remarkable. Last I heard there was a caramel scented fogbank over Carlisle. This set up has Gnome approval. It’s now missing, presumed Ed.

Coming next – win £100 of gear with


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Cheap Thrills – Glory Glaze

20170125_213817My Vapeaversary bash, with goodies supplied by, starts with a 60ml dripper bottle of Glory Glaze. I’ve always loved the idea of a doughnut flavour vape, but I’ve never yet found one that suits my taste buds. The juice comes in a box, inside is the dripper bottle which has a child proof top, which is still reasonable to open with arthritic hands I’m happy to say. It’s clearly labelled with the nicotine strength and has all the other appropriate info you’d expect.

I tried this in my normal set up. An Aspire Cleito at 28W, which is the perfect set up for my normal 90/10 3mg Caramel juice and is where I start for every other juice. This is a very sweet doughnut, and you can really taste the dough. The blueberry is a very nice jammy hint, not overpowering. There’s a hint of something else there and then a wall of sweetness hits me, drowning everything else out. I persevered with it, swapping to my standard caramel in another tank and giving it a good long rest. Turning the power up and down made no odds; after that initial blast where I could taste something other than SWEET, it had gone. All I had left was icing sugar flavour, and that much too strong.

So I’m sorry to say that I still haven’t found a doughnut flavour that’s quite right for me. This I think would have been close if they hadn’t made it so sweet, but as it is I just can’t get on with it. Best friend just made a face and passed me it back after one puff; I didn’t even get an opinion from him.

Up next: My Vapeversary new kit, the tank and mod, and why I’ve not seen them since Sunday. Plus a chance to win £100 worth of vaping kit from

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What to get for the vaper that thinks they have everything?


The Nautilus X tank. The lovely folk at Vapelux London sent me this little gem of an intermediate level tank to try so I could review it for you. Browsing their range of tanks (Vape tanks UK) is a little like being a kid in a sweet shop again for me. What on earth do you buy a vaper if you aren’t one? It does depend on what kind of gear they already have, and for this it is necessary to have (or buy) a variable wattage device to put it on. If they use something that has a screen on it, rather than something that just has a button that lights up, you’re generally safe. This is a really smart little – very small form factor- tank that comes with a coil installed, a spare coil and a spare glass tank. That really is all the average vaper needs to be able to fill this and put it on a battery and vape it.

20161221_135616For the vapers; it comes with a 1.8ohm coil (and a spare) that reads 1.88 ohm on my tester. The advice on the coil is that it’s designed for 12-16 W and at that it’s giving good vapour production and wicking a max VG juice while being chain vaped, so it will take most juices happily. The drip tip is replaceable. It has variable air flow on the top half of the top of the tank – the black bit lying to the right in the picture here – and as you can see it’s top fill wide enough to fill from a dripper bottle or from a squeeze bottle easily. That’s bigger than life size on my screen though. The coil is changed from the top too. The glass tank slips off allowing access to the coil which unscrews from the base.  At 16 W with a 3mg juice it’s smooth as silk wide open on a restricted direct inhale. You could stand higher mg in here easily, yet still get a good amount of vapour. Shutting the air back gives a decent mouth to lung, very satisfying slightly warm vape, making this perfect for folk who want more vapour but don’t want to go sub ohm.

20161221_135222It really is a totie wee thing. I’ve shown it here on my Mini Volt, next to it’s sub-ohm big brother the Cleito on my Snow Wolf. As you can see the tank itself is tiny at 2ml. However as it isn’t a sub ohm tank it has the old school advantage; it doesn’t drink juice, it won’t run your batteries flat as quick and you can stealth vape with it on a small form device. This will be my go-to going out set up over Christmas and the New Year. I actually prefer it to the tank that came with the Mini Volt for the reasons I’ve given above, although I do still use that tank on a different device. I’m surprised at how good the flavour is from this. This is about as good as a lower wattage/higher ohm tank can get. My best friend currently uses the older Nautilus Minis and I may have found his upgrade at last. I’ll let you know how he gets on with it.

20161221_134834This tank would be ideal for a vaper who has been using a starter kit and wants an upgrade. In that case they’ll need a variable wattage device to go with it. It would work very well for a vaper who already uses a tank, but would like a better one. Lastly the vaper who thinks they have it all might look sideways at this and think it’s one to consign to the unused drawer. That would be a mistake. There is a place for this, and that place is when you don’t want to be a human fog machine, but still want decent amounts of flavour and vapour. Oh, don’t get me wrong; it can chuck it out, and does, surprisingly well for a coil that’s the same resistance as my very first tank.  The Nautilus X tank was provided to me in return for this review by Vapelux London who have not influenced my review in any way.

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Who do I believe on Ecigs?

The Surgeon General’s report on ecigs came out today. I’m not even going to dignify it by linking to it. Once upon a time the RCP published a landmark report that highlighted a link between smoking and cancer. The US dragged its feet and shuffled awkwardly before catching up later. We have here the same situation. This is the report I trust: Nicotine without smoke: Tobacco harm reduction

Catch up USA. Until you do we are counting the cost in lives lost. History is watching from the future and right now it’s appalled.

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Kanger Top EVOD Starter Kit

What starter kit should I get for the smoker who wants to switch?20161201_113622 The lovely folks at The Electronic Cigarette Co sent me the perfect answer so that I could review it for you. Top of my Christmas Stocking Stuffers list this year is the Kanger Top EVOD. It’s a lovely little thing, not much bigger than a cig-alike, and really easy to use. The first magic thing about it is that it’s top fill, meaning you just unscrew the top and fill it. No mess, no fuss. Fill and go. The second good thing is that it’s an organic cotton coil for good flavour and plenty of vapour, even though it’s 1.5 ohm. Fixed power which in the plus side means less to set for a beginner, but on the downside it means that it’s set well below my sweet spot for this tank, which is 7W. A wee bit more power behind this nifty little tank proves it to be so much better than the protanks I started vaping on.

The draw is nice and open on this and that means I can both direct inhale and mouth draw with it. On a tank like this I tend to do a combination of both, but it gives that option. The air is set though, with no adjustment. This is a good thing for a beginner, with less to set. It only took a few hours to charge to full too, although I’d seriously consider getting a second battery so that you have a backup if this runs out on you.

The vapour production isn’t bad. It’s designed to be used with standard higher PG eliquid, so it’s never going to give you huge clouds. If you’re a non-smoker with a smoking friend the draw of this is that they can use it indoors without it setting off smoke alarms. This is the level of vapour I use when I’m not drawing attention to the fact that I’m vaping. The samples of the in-house juice that the lovely ladies sent me to go with this are ideal to use in this tank. Also a perfect variation of flavours and nicotine strength. The flavours come through not bad at all, which is the cotton in the coil giving the advantage. You will need spare coils ( 5 for £8.95 £1.79 each) for this as they do only last about a week, but that’s normal. If you’re switching up from something like a CE4 disposable which costs more to replace if you’re buying decent ones, then you’ll seriously like the flavour and vapour production and the ongoing saving. The price tag is also very nice. It is currently on the Electric Cigarette Co site at £15.95 making it pretty much affordable for anyone. While you’re on that site have a look at their information, it really is very good. The sort of no nonsense guide to how to switch that I wish I’d had nearly three years ago.


Remember guys, don’t worry about the details. If you want to switch do just two things. First relax and don’t stress about it and second use your ecig whenever you feel like it. Everything else will sort itself out in time. You’ll find yourself using the ecig completely differently from how you smoked. You don’t have to smoke a whole cigarette any more, so you can pick it up, take a couple of puffs and put it back down again. As often or as little as you like. Remember to enjoy it.