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Cheap Thrills – Glory Glaze

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20170125_213817My Vapeaversary bash, with goodies supplied by, starts with a 60ml dripper bottle of Glory Glaze. I’ve always loved the idea of a doughnut flavour vape, but I’ve never yet found one that suits my taste buds. The juice comes in a box, inside is the dripper bottle which has a child proof top, which is still reasonable to open with arthritic hands I’m happy to say. It’s clearly labelled with the nicotine strength and has all the other appropriate info you’d expect.

I tried this in my normal set up. An Aspire Cleito at 28W, which is the perfect set up for my normal 90/10 3mg Caramel juice and is where I start for every other juice. This is a very sweet doughnut, and you can really taste the dough. The blueberry is a very nice jammy hint, not overpowering. There’s a hint of something else there and then a wall of sweetness hits me, drowning everything else out. I persevered with it, swapping to my standard caramel in another tank and giving it a good long rest. Turning the power up and down made no odds; after that initial blast where I could taste something other than SWEET, it had gone. All I had left was icing sugar flavour, and that much too strong.

So I’m sorry to say that I still haven’t found a doughnut flavour that’s quite right for me. This I think would have been close if they hadn’t made it so sweet, but as it is I just can’t get on with it. Best friend just made a face and passed me it back after one puff; I didn’t even get an opinion from him.

Up next: My Vapeversary new kit, the tank and mod, and why I’ve not seen them since Sunday. Plus a chance to win £100 worth of vaping kit from

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A Mad middle aged woman who lives in the middle of nowhere, Scotland with a parrot, two Jack Russells, some koi, and a tank full of tropical fish. I have M.E. but that's really not important. I draw, paint, write, game, garden, blog and enjoy a good vape. I have three lovely grown up offspring, and 2 ex-husbands.

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