My journey into vaping


Herding cats and knitting fog; in support of the NNA

As I’ve said before, we vapers are a diverse bunch. In general you won’t find much that unites us other than vaping itself. We’re the original dysfunctional family and we fight amongst ourselves over the slightest thing. We have leaders amongst us who have been tipped into that role because they happened to be standing up when stuff happened that had to be reacted to. They didn’t ask for the role, or the responsibility and they certainly didn’t ask for the expense or the barrage of criticism that flies at them from all sides.

In the past events were organised. People put effort into making sure that we, the ordinary vaper, would be seen. They came up against apathy. It resembled cat herding on a grand scale. We did not want to get off our collective arses and stand up if it required effort. I include myself in this by the way – I wish I had done and could do more. So a few ordinary vapers stuck their heads over the parapet, and formed an organisation which has just been granted Charitable Status in the UK. This is composed of some of the ordinary vapers who were willing to stand up and some allies of vaping. These folk are now fighting to be recognised as a voice for vapers in the UK.

If they had enough money behind them, then they could raise the roof on behalf of vapers in the UK. Until today not one vaper had donated to them. NOT ONE. I’m ashamed of myself that I never even thought to drop the price of a bottle of juice their way when I had treated myself to shiny things that I won’t be able to buy in 2017 barring miracles. They are fighting for me. Today two of the NNA are travelling, at their own expense, to meet with people to argue the case for vaping. Again. Quietly and determinedly and without fanfare. So my new campaign that will appear below every post of this blog is in support of the NNA.

I am a proud supporter of the NNA. They got off their backsides and did something. If you can’t do the same, then please consider dropping a small monthly amount to these ordinary vapers. They really do work for you and the task they have set themselves is thankless. Like knitting vapour clouds.


Please Support the NNA so that their voice for vapers can be heard loud and clear. The Paypal donate button can be found on the right of the page. Follow @NNAlliance on Twitter.