My journey into vaping

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The mixologist isn’t in the kitchen right now.

Having got vape mail yesterday I re-wicked the Igo to stick on the new toy. 0.9ohm with cotton wool.  It is a lovely thing, small (in 18350 mode), looks good, producing good amounts of vapour from the dripper, so very little voltage drop. The locking ring was a bit sticky and the fire button a little crunchy, but It was making me smile. But I found myself putting it down and switching flavours, re-wicking again and again. It wasn’t the set up. It was the fact that my two favourite T-juice flavours (made up at my ideal strength & PG/VG from concentrate) were more appealing than everything else in my vape cupboard; I had none of my home made juice left.


The only answer was to get backside in gear and go mixing. I’ve been an amateur cook for years, and I mean for more than 30 years. My mum stood me on a chair at the cooker to make cheese sauce when I was 6, and my brother and I were mum’s assistants from the time we could be trusted to understand simple instructions. None of the family cook to a recipe book; everything has been adapted to taste. I understand flavour, and balance, and subtlety and I mix to suit my own taste. There’s what I like about mixing my own juice, in a nutshell. Crème Caramel, Butterscotch, Maple syrup with a hint of French Vanilla. These juices might – and probably would –  taste terrible to anyone else who tries them, but to me they are just right.

It was after dark last night when I went into the kitchen. My sitting room window was wide open, and my fan was running to try and get a through breeze. I sat in my kitchen work chair, tweaking my recipes, waved a midge away. Checked the list for the next flavouring amount, slapped a midge off my arm. Hold on a minute… midges? I looked up at the kitchen light. It was a seething mass of blood seeking horror. I quietly put everything away, took a deep breath and ran screaming through the biting monsters. I won’t be in the kitchen for a while now. It’s probably for the best. The juice I made will need to steep.


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