My journey into vaping


The Evoke – too good to be true?

I am watching the Indegogo campaign for the Evoke with fascination. The overplaying of the negatives of wick and coil systems aside, it raises some very interesting possibilities. As the Best Friend is back at work and no longer preventing boredom by looking after me (note that his help is vital, and it was good to have semi-permanent care) I can let it be known generally that I have ordered one of these for him for Christmas. He’s unlikely to get it until January/February, but this is beside the point.

His tales of vaping woe include not being able to taste the flavours in his juice. He can taste juice flavour from my dripper at higher wattages on medium-resistance coils, but won’t drip or coil. Looking at the Evoke system it looks as if I should be able to program the unit to replicate the dripper experience in a system that is as simple to use as his beloved protanks once set up.

But is it too good to be true? Is this the beginning of the 4th generation of vaping technology, or is it a flash in the pan. It certainly isn’t likely to be TPD compliant, which isn’t an issue for them as they are US based. Leak “proof” may be claimed, but if juice can go in, then it can come out unexpectedly. And it really isn’t tamper proof. It can be locked to certain users electronically, but the whole Bluetooth connected microprocessor control is “tampering” writ large, albeit by design. There is no way to make this uniform, or test every possible configuration. Which is absolutely the point; vapers need variability. It does seem to offer the possibility of endless customisation of the vaping experience within a single unit without the faff of rebuilding. Change the settings; win the cloud chasing contest. Change it again and stealth vape. Get home and switch to Genny mode for smooth flavour with a late night beverage before bed. No dry hits, no burning, no fuss… I’m sold on the concept but my cynical side still tells me I’ll believe it when I try it.

I’m intrigued enough by the possibilities to want one of these for myself. The early bird ones have all gone. The standard E-Liquid units are coming in at around (exchange rate varying) £60 +£17.50 flat rate international postage regardless of how many you buy. This isn’t a bad price considering it is the entire unit. The equivalent of a hybrid mod + atty combination with an inbuilt rechargeable battery. Perhaps it is too good to be true, but I think this is where my birthday money is going.


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