My journey into vaping


Day 180. Six months since my last cigarette.

I’m sitting here in front of my computer with my two favourite devices, containing my two favourite flavours of e-Liquid. Every few minutes I take a couple of contemplative puffs, and savour the flavour.  I am waiting for the postman again – just as I was the day I started this blog, but this time I’m waiting without any stress. I have come a long way in six months, but then my mother taught me that if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly and I agree with her. I had to really jump in with both feet and discover as much as I could about this amazing hobby, and the not so crazy simpler side of it, in order to be sure that I was giving it the best chance I could to get me off lit tobacco.

I am no longer fighting constantly to reduce a smoking habit that I was being constantly bombarded with negative information and attitudes about. I believe that the demonisation (you can call it ‘denormalisation’ I call it ‘dehumanisation’) of smokers, and the attitude society has to smokers is wrong. If any other portion of society was being discriminated against in the way smokers are, there would be outrage. But the message is that smokers are stupid, and that anyone who smokes deserves all they get. Violence against smokers will increase; it has already begun. This is a very dangerous path and I hate that I ever believed any part of it.

This negative attitude has also skewed research into smoking and smokers in the last twenty years in my opinion. Gradually the prevailing attitude has become smug superiority over the smoker. It is playground bully techniques applied wholesale on society. Of course I am happier not smoking; I was treated as less than human when I smoked. If I had been left alone with my bad habit, I wouldn’t have been unhappy about being a smoker. The label makes the misery; the questions are skewed by prejudice inbuilt to the system. The ecig deniers are trying to apply that same distort, denormalise, demonise, dehumanise to vaping now. It won’t work. In an information age, knowledge is power.

I started this blog with one question in my mind, “Will this work where everything else I ever tried has failed?” and six months later I can give you an unequivocal, 100% certainty that yes. It has. It does and given the right set up and juice I believe that it could work for just about anyone. Without any shadow of doubt in my mind I can say that it has worked for me. If I am allowed the freedom to vape, I will never need to smoke another lit tobacco cigarette. There’s your anecdotal evidence, a testimonial from another biased convert to vaping. I’m going to stop counting the days since I smoked from today because it is no longer relevant. The blog will march on though and my journey will still be documented. As long as there are people out there who want to see what I have to say, I’ll keep saying it.


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