My journey into vaping


Day 176: Why should I have to justify my vices?

An on-line acquaintance of mine asked me why I felt the need to write a blog justifying my choice to vape. “You’re a grown-up.” He said, and after having assured him that I wasn’t sitting here justifying it to myself I stopped and thought about what he’d said. He’s quite right. I really shouldn’t have to justify my choice of legal recreational substance, especially when used in such a way as to cause as little possible harm to either myself or those around me as I can. The fly in that ointment is the anti-tobacco zealots. Those who see tobacco as an enemy, with nicotine as its Commander in Chief. The ones with closed minds that no amount of convincing will change. The ones that think vaping is smoking, and that both must be outlawed.

A blog, by its very nature, will always be an exercise in navel gazing as a spectator sport. That said there is a point to all of this. Minority voices have always had to struggle to be heard. The minority is the underdog beating away at solid indifference. Vapers are a minority, and we’ve been described negatively as everything from AstroTurf to cultists to affluent loud-mouths, but always with the underlying tone of condescension. A faint aura of disapproval, the slight sniff to see if anything other than custard or RY4 can be detected on our clothing. We’re the ones who actually use these products, so we are always biased in favour of them. Our opinions are anecdotal and irrelevant.

My ideal world is very probably impossible. I would like to live in a world where my choices are not dictated by the health-nuts’ policy of the month. I would love to live in a world where I was treated as a grown-up and didn’t feel the need to justify nicotine, caffeine or alcohol use given the fact that MY use of these things causes no problems. In fact I’d like the nanny state to butt out and leave me in peace. I’m one of these odd people who will fight to get that peace though, and I cut my teeth in 1990’s Usenet so I’m in this for the long haul with a very thick skin. I’m also in the right. We’ll see who laughs last.

(I apologise for my absence these last few days. I had a bereavement in my extended family – an ex partner of mine – and my health took a dip as a result. I’m back now.)


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