My journey into vaping

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Day 167: Having the conversation – why did you switch?

I had the conversation about vaping with my mum before I switched, and I managed to convince her that I was doing the right thing for my health by switching despite the misinformation out there. I’m aiming for a non-rant here. Remember to stay calm and non-confrontational when asked to justify yourself – and I know it shouldn’t happen at all, but we’re the pioneers breaking the trail for others to follow. A trail that has by now been marked, and at least gravelled, and most of the potholes have been filled. I explain my choice in short, sharp bullet points.

  • NRT is ineffective.
  • Cold turkey is tough.
  • It takes the average smoker 10 years and many relapses to quit.
  • Vaping is not smoking.
  • Vaping is safer than smoking both for me and for those around me.
  • I chose to switch to a safer alternative to smoking.
  • Vaping for the rest of my life is better for me than smoking for one more month (three at worst) and then going cold turkey and never relapsing.
  • It doesn’t matter how much I use an ecig; it isn’t a cigarette, I don’t need to cut down, and it’s not harming me anywhere near as much as smoking was.
  • I can choose to reduce my nicotine level by vaping a lower nicotine level juice. I can even vape nicotine free. You can’t tell by looking whether I’m using nicotine.
  • If I am enjoying vaping, then I am less likely to relapse to smoking again.

There’s more too it than that, and I’ve deliberately not put in the links to the evidence in that list. There’s no need to over explain. Keep it simple, clear and to the point. Anyone arguing against any of these points is at the disadvantage of being wrong. There are those who will never be convinced, these tend to be ex-smokers who gave up cold turkey, or those who used certain techniques to facilitate a cold turkey quit which aren’t based on fact. The “born again” fundamentalists of the anti-nicotine brigade aren’t all that rational. If you’re in an argument with one of them, then walk away.


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