My journey into vaping


Day 166: You’re just making it up as you go really, aren’t you?

So here I am, in bed with my mobile phone and my voice recorder. I’m scrolling through tweets to keep myself happy and I happen across a link to a Reuters news snippet. Yes, that’s the mobile site. I’m doing my best here.

One team of researchers assessing the risks of electronic cigarettes is counting the puffs taken by volunteer “vapers.” Another will comb Facebook for posts on how people are tinkering with e-cigarettes to make the devices deliver extra nicotine. A third is building a virtual convenience store for 13-to-17-year-olds, measuring how e-cigarette displays and price promotions influence whether minors buy the increasingly popular devices.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is spending $270 million on these and 45 other research projects to determine the risks of e-cigarettes before millions more Americans become hooked on the devices.

Counting the puffs taken by volunteer vapers is meaningless. The nicotine per puff varies between user, between juice, between device, and varies over time in an individual as they self titrate their dose. Vapers don’t “tinker with e-cigarettes to make the devices deliver extra nicotine” We really don’t. We tinker to get the best FLAVOUR, VAPOUR PRODUCTION, AND THROAT SENSATION. It has chuff all to do with nicotine. If I want more nicotine I VAPE A STRONGER JUICE.

What the hell has a virtual convenience store got to do with anything? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? You aren’t asking the right questions here. The data is already available; look at Snus use. Look at the uptake of Snus among young people. Look at the data collected in the UK smoking toolkit.

The Yale team, for instance, will study whether menthol and flavors such as chocolate and cherry increase the appeal of e-cigarettes, especially to 16-to-18-year-old smokers or “dual users” who both smoke and vape. If that turns out to be the case, the FDA would have scientific support for regulating.

No they won’t. They are not balancing that study by looking at the harm caused by regulating flavours for the target market of adult smokers switching. If fewer adult smokers switch, or those who have switched who find that they can’t stay switched without those flavours THAT IS NET HARM. Ask the right questions to get the right answers. These studies look to be utterly biased, unbalanced and coming from complete ignorance about what an e cigarette or personal vaporiser is, what it does, who it’s designed for and how it’s used. They also look like busywork. Making it look like no expense has been spared in order to research the “issues” when in fact very little expense has been spared in order to produce the results that are wanted.


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