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Day 165: Stepping up to rebuildables.

The first thing you need is something to put your rebuildable on, and for a first step up I’d suggest a good, solid variable voltage device that takes a battery that’s going to last a while. Like an itaste VTR, a Vamo or an iTaste SVD. All three of these have their plus sides and down sides. To use the VTR with anything I like I have to have the extension tube on. It looks stupid. It vapes a treat though, and the ohm checker is reasonably accurate and consistent; this is important. You must have something that you can check the ohms of your coils on. Never vape anything that you haven’t checked.



My VTR with my RSST on it. It doesn’t look so bad with a dripper on it, but honestly. That guard ring. Make it 23mm to take anything you want to stick on the device and that would have been fine. Even better; forget the guard ring.

The next thing you need are some decent batteries and a good charger. The VTR takes 18650s, and you need to buy from a good, trusted source. Do not stint on either your batteries or your charger. Buy the best quality that you can get. If you can’t afford it, wait until you can. This is really important. For the best run-down of battery info I’ve found on the web see this post. I buy my batteries and chargers from Torchy via his e bay listings. You can find him on UKVapers as well.  I trust that what he sells me is good, and then it’s up to me to be safe with what he sends me.


There is a bewildering variety of rebuildables out there, and it’s very hard to know where to start. Here’s a video from Robert The armed vaper. I suggest a dripper like an Igo-L (pictured above) or Igo-W (if you can still find one with a single air hole) for your very first rebuildable, mainly because it is cheap and there is very little to go wrong with it. Keep it as simple as you can. Look on youtube for single microcoil and cotton builds, and follow the instructions there.  This tutorial is written for rebuilding protank coils but the same principles apply whatever you’re coiling.  There’s still a bit of a shopping list though. This is your bare essentials list. Please don’t rely on the little pack of coiling supplies that you get with your purchase.

I prefer genesis style tanks to kayfuns and their cousins. I think that they’re easier to start with. If you fancy one then the RSST isn’t that expensive.  Please note that I don’t wick mine with stainless steel mesh and I don’t think that’s an easy method for a beginner.  I believe that they work far better with a vertical microcoil and cotton, be it cotton wool or cotton yarn. The same shopping list applies though, with the addition of some SS mesh and a little blowtorch if you’re going traditional. If you’re interested in a really in depth look at genesis-style rebuildables Robert The armed Vaper has a series of videos going into every aspect. Look for Demystifying the Genesis parts one and two, and Genesis tips and tricks.

This all sounds like a lot of faff, and really complicated. It’s a learning curve though and the simplest end of that curve is (in my opinion) a single microcoil with a cotton wick. There is very little that can go wrong with that set up, coils last well, and once you’ve learned how and bought your basic tools vaping becomes less expensive to maintain. Kanthal and cotton is very cheap, and a little lasts a long time. I’ve been using rebuildables for four months now, and I’m still using the same stock of supplies that I bought when I first started. Don’t just take my word for it though, research on forums. Planet of the Vapes and UK Vapers will happily point out exactly where I’m wrong, and how to do the thing correctly. The thing about rebuildables is that while keeping in mind the fact that safety should always come first, after that it’s the same as juice. Totally subjective. Coils and wick in endless variations are just another way to customise what you’re vaping on to suit you. Find the easiest set up that you can build, that tastes the best to you, and then enjoy it.


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