My journey into vaping

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Day 163: The health police want my nicotine.

When you set aside the ludicrous arguments against vaping, all you have left against it is nicotine. The evil Nick O’Teen, set to ensnare. Entrap. Entice and embrace. Except it doesn’t. It’s just something that we enjoy, and that’s bad.

Truth in Sci-Fi again?

Truth in Sci-Fi again?

Vaping isn’t smoking.

It involves no combustion, and as a result removes about 95% at the worst estimate of the currently accepted risk of smoking tobacco. The remaining 5% risk puts the risk of vaping at about the same level as driving or consuming caffeine. The majority of that remaining risk comes from the fact that nicotine is not benign, and it does (arguably) have an effect on the cardiovascular system. That effect is no worse than that of caffeine or any other mild stimulant such as decongestants. There is no justification to regulate vaping as tobacco use or impose sin taxes.

Vaping isn’t NRT

It isn’t designed to “cure the disease” of “addiction to nicotine in tobacco smoke” – positions on the causes of smoking with which I disagree in almost every way possible.  And as Norbert Zillatron pointed out in a comment to my last post Vaping is designed to be enjoyed. To be pleasurable. To be savoured and lingered over. It is in fact designed to surpass smoking, and for me at least it does just that. Which makes it far less likely to be a gateway into tobacco smoking. As an ex-smoker I wouldn’t want to smoke a cigarette. Why would I want something that tastes that nasty to me now?

Vaping is a direct replacement for smoking tobacco.

In order to be effective a replacement for smoking must be a pleasant experience. NRT is unpleasant. It is a medicine that one must endure to get to the “reward” of being smoke free. The reward isn’t worth the pain of the process for me. It must allow for the variation in uptake necessary for self-titration of nicotine. It must be an efficient nicotine delivery system; but this does not mean that it need be as fast in serum nicotine delivery as tobacco. Vaping does all this right now.

It’s all about choice.

Given the choice between quit or die, I chose “die”. The pleasure I gained from smoking was worth the risk of a shorter life. I have had the pleasure of smoking replaced – and bettered – by vaping with the harm reduced significantly. I chose “secret option three” and switched rather than quit or die. Can you, as a never-smoker, really understand why that choice is now so precious to me.

I might lose the choice to vape.

Can you understand why I choose to fight. Why I spend my precious energy on writing the same thing over and over again in different ways, hoping that one day someone who is making rules and regulations will see it and have the penny drop? I am an ordinary woman who now has her cake and is enjoying eating it. I am not a vaping cultist, or “astroturf” put in place by a company defending financial interests. I am simply putting my foot down and saying that there is a line that the puritanical killjoy health police will not cross. They are coming for your caffeine. And your chocolate.

What right have you to deny me my nicotine?

The post I just wrote finishes above that line. I shall be adding this paragraph to every post on this blog. This is an appeal from me for you to stand with my vaping crowd and support us in staying off cigarettes. Please go and sign this legal challenge to EU law; it is not just another petition and we need YOUR help whether you vape or not. Thank you: