My journey into vaping

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Day 161: I tried one of those once…

During a conversation with an acquaintance yesterday best friend and I were puffing away on our vapes-of-choice. We were out in the garden so I’d grabbed the ego+CE4 combination, with watermelon in it. The conversation went thus.

A: “So do those things help you then?” Nodding at the ecig.

BF: “Never wanted a fag since I started this.”

A: “Really? I tried one out of Home Bargains, and it gave me an awful dry throat.”

LBJ: “That’s probably the juice you were using, do you mind if I explain a bit?”

A: “No, I’m interested.”

LBJ [Drying effect of PG/VG, nic level choice differences and numbing agents in cigarette smoke]

A: *gobsmacked*

LBJ: “try this.” *hands over ego + CE4*

A: “Here! That’s OK. I could get used to that!”

LBJ *sends BF into the house for bottle of Liberty Flights XO Energy Drink flavour. Donates it to good cause.*

A: “Don’t you find you’re using them more, like too much?”

LBJ “It takes 35 minutes on 18mg juice to get the same nicotine that you’d get from one fag, so yeah, you use it more.” *expressive shrug*

A: “Thank you. I’ll stick that in my ecig at home see how I get on.”

LBJ: “I can give you web addresses for decent juice. Let me know.”

So yes, let’s ban vaping in public. Let’s shove the vapers out of the way and make it as shameful as smoking so folk don’t see it. Let’s “denormalise” vaping, and demonise it in the same way smoking has been. Stop these little conversations and prevent smokers from getting the decent information they need in order to switch. Vaping is normalising switching. That little scene is replaying itself all over the world, every day, over and over again. Yet still, it’s just another anecdote.


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