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Day 160: Applying the KISS principle to the CE4

I was sent a little CE4 and ego style battery starter kit for review through Amazon Vine. It’s just another CE4 on an ego style battery, standard fare for starter kits and in my opinion not a bad vape. The CE4 is always going to have its built in drawbacks; it’s polycarbonate, disposable, cheap and cheerful. But on the other hand it produces not a bad vape, it’s about as faff-free as you can get and it is cheap. You do have to get reasonable quality though. Bad CE4s are bad and produce that foul burnt taste that make them useless. In one hand I have this little CE4 with 18 mg watermelon 60pg 40vg juice, in the other I have a kraken (Cracking!) clone, set up with cotton at 1.4 ohm on the nemmy clone with vamp vape 50/50 at 12mg from concentrate. I prefer the kraken. Of course I do. I get a smoother, richer vape from it and the flavours are more intense BUT I have to faff with it to get it right. It’s a genny, of course I’m going to get the odd dry hit, no matter how careful I am. If I get a dry hit, then I have to re-wick. A dry hit is nasty.

But on the CE4 its pretty much fill and vape, no faff, no hassle. Highly unlikely to dry hit. It is a simple process that even I couldn’t have got wrong at first. And the vape is all right. It’s not as rich and full as the kraken, but it is actually OK. I might well have been better off starting with that than I was on mini protanks with the VV/VW I had. Perhaps I wouldn’t have been though – working out how to fiddle with settings sent me in search of more information a little sooner maybe.

What I’m saying is this. When recommending stuff for the newly switching we really do have to find some sort of lowest common denominator. A faff free start, that doesn’t cost a fortune, which just works as well as it possibly can straight out of the box. Eliquid which isn’t too rough and isn’t too sweet, a variety of pleasant flavours. We all know how subjective juice is. (Short break to re-wick the genny here. Case in point.) What we more experienced vapers need to remember is that we’ve come a long way from that day when we took our first vape. We’ve learned a lot, and had a lot of misconceptions corrected. We can’t impose that knowledge on others. Each of us has to make our own way through the learning curve. Dismissing anything that we consider inferior to what we now use, ridiculing those who enjoy the simple vape, isn’t always helpful. Live and let live. Horses for courses. I love the variety of vaping gear, juice and set ups, but for the new user we really should apply the KISS principle. There is nothing wrong with a good quality CE4 on an ego style battery when suggesting a starter set.


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