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Day 156; Vaping is not smoking. (reprise)

I stand in solid support of smokers. I refuse to help demonise smokers in any way. There is one point that I want to make absolutely clear though; vaping is not smoking. Vaping is an alternative to smoking with reduced risks. So let’s get this straight.


The majority of e cigarettes in use today do not look like cigarettes. Those that do tend to have LEDs that don’t light up red in order to visually disassociate themselves from the tobacco cigarettes that they replace. Burning tobacco has a distinctive smell which makes it very simple to distinguish a vaper from a smoker.

Using a device as a safer replacement for tobacco smoking does not normalise tobacco smoking. It cannot do so. Banning vaping because it looks like smoking is like banning water because it looks like vodka or gin. The gateway argument is a divisive diversionary campaigning tactic, and those who use it should be ashamed to call themselves “experts” when they use pseudo-science as evidence. Although further research and monitoring of the situation will always be a good idea, banning the use of e cigarettes in public places sends out the wrong message to smokers.

“If I have to go outside to vape, then I might as well smoke. They say it’s just as bad for me anyway, so why bother trying. Nothing else has ever kept me off the fags, so I’ll just keep on smoking”

The freedom to choose a safer alternative, and to continue its use in order to enjoy the benefits of a legal consumer product is being undermined by political ideology and puritanical scaremongering. Thankfully I’m not alone in believing this to be the case. Actual scientists, using real science, have come to the same conclusions:

Thus, the concern about public health is used as an excuse to hide political ideology. Similar to religious wars, the campaign against electronic cigarettes is irrational and inherently anti-scientific. Health authorities judge behavior that is doing no harm as politically undesirable, a distressing interference with fundamental human right, in my opinion. [Source]

The BMA today voted against both common sense and common decency to promote a ban on vaping in public places. I would like all parties concerned in the promotion of this vote to declare all relevant financial and commercial interests. Of course, they won’t. I would also like to see them explain the reason for this decision, along with the all of the evidence used to reach it. I won’t be holding my breath.


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