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Day 153; Don’t shoot the messenger?

NHS Choices News posted a take down of the opinion piece from Social Change Uk. It’s a good and reasonably balanced piece, except in the way they report the “dangers” of e cig use. They’ve had some 1 star ratings on that article though.


The article is, mostly fine. I give it five stars for the take down. Well researched and seriously hitting the whole thing where it needs to be hit. It doesn’t go far enough in my opinion, but it is pretty damning as it stands. What don’t I like about it? This:


This isn’t balanced, nor is it fair. E cigarettes do not need to be regulated as medicines in order to be sure of the content. They are covered by consumer products regulations now, and Trading Standards enforce these. The fact that the amount of nicotine I get from an e cigarette “changes over time” isn’t a problem, nor should it be cited as one. Nothing is 100% safe – it’s an impossible standard. And although some have been found to contain toxic chemicals, the reality is that with a few exceptions these are at TRACE amounts. I don’t like this; the possible drawbacks to vaping could have been reported here in a far more balanced way.

I think you’ll find that any negative reaction coming from vapers is a result of this bit of the article, the rest of it? The anti e cigarette movement won’t like that piece much. There are people actively campaigning against anything which can be seen as putting vaping in a positive light.


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Bekivapes: Supplemental. The WHO Bureau Summary Nov 2013

WHO Bureau Summary

PDF download.

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