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Day 152: The Naturevape N-Vape Mini Pro and a smile

Further to the tales of woe about not being able to taste his juice, Best Friend was presented with Naturevape’s N-Vape Mini Pro atomiser. This represents the last of my vape budget for August,and we aren’t in July yet, but still. It’s for a good cause. Please note that I bought this in the usual way, and Naturevape have no idea that I’m writing it up. I set it up and filled it for him, Scopes strawberry was the juice of choice. It fills through the base from a standard juice bottle. No hassles there at all. He’s lived with it for about three days and reported in to me this afternoon, even putting it down for long enough for me to get some photos. This has a glass tank with a bottom res/no res microcoil wicked in organic cotton wool. I chose it because it looked like it would give most of the advantages of using a rebuildable, with less faff, well less for him anyway – I’ll re-wick it for him. Don’t get me wrong, I love my rebuildables. Old Grumpy is too set in his ways to want to learn to recoil and all the rest of it. He just wants to vape it, and have it work. This little atomiser suits him down to his slippers. Photo quality is not up to standard today – smudged lens and fast moving friend.


It is about the same size as his mini protanks, but seems to hold more juice. That said, he’s going through more juice with this, so he’s filling it more. He says it’s a smoother vape, no harshness, no “burnt” taste (his protanks were not tasting burnt to me) and far more pleasant. He is getting hints of juice flavour from this. He also says that it’s far more consistent; the vape doesn’t change as the juice level  drops. He’s also had no leaks, and no dry hits from it and he’s really put it through its paces since I gave him it. I tried it and it’s as good as the RSST for flavour for me. Good vapour production and no dry hits, also no cotton wool taste at all. I can’t taste anything but the juice.

He is really happy with it, and I have to admit to being impressed myself. I think there will be another order or two heading to Naturevape in a month or so. I would suggest this to anyone who is unhappy with their standard atomisers, and who is looking for something that’s a little more like a rebuildable in a small form factor. I would say this would be perfectly at home on any small variable voltage/wattage device like the iTaste VVV3 or the MVP2 as Best Friend uses it on both of these. It looks really smart, vapes well and comes in at a really reasonable price. The vaping community scores another happy vaper and the Best Friend is smiling. SMILING I tell you. I wouldn’t be able to prise that off his battery with the offer of single malt and dancing girls. I call that a Result.


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