My journey into vaping


Day 151: 5 months vaping. Brazilian Caipirinha, and a tale of two mech mod clones.

Back at the very beginning of my vaping journey I bought a little hammer clone from our favourite auction site. It was, to put it bluntly, crap. I much preferred my VV/VW mods; I could actually get a vape out of them. It looks stunning, and so I have it sitting on my bookshelf with whatever atomiser is most out of favour, it looks like a little work of art. But it didn’t vape well. I jumped to the conclusion that my (day minus one of vaping) dream of a Nemesis with a Kraken was shot down. If one mechanical mod was that bad I had no reason to believe I’d like any of them. How wrong can one woman be?

I got a Nemmy clone this week, to celebrate 5 months of vaping. I took a chance that I could have been wrong, and backed myself up by getting a kick to go with it so I’d have the fixed power if that was my issue. I took it out of its box and put it together, stuck my favourite dripper on it, and was blown away. Tried another atty, same. Another; WOW! Now I want the genuine article. I mean, I’d have ordered one there and then if there had been one available, but there isn’t. The only real one I could get right now is the mini Nemmy – and yes, it’s lovely. But it’s 17mm and nothing I own would look right on it.


Two things I’d like to mention about this clone that I dislike. Firstly I wish that it had no logo or fake serial number on it. If anyone knows of something in a similar style that has no logo on I’d really like to hear about it. The second thing is that gods-awful gap between the top of the mod and the atomiser. I’ve ordered an OCD washer for it, but I would have been happier with the direct connection of a hybrid I think.

In the same post I got another present from Liberty Flights – their Limited Edition XO Brazilian Caipirinha flavour e liquid, which is absolutely luscious. And yes, I’m now going to waffle a bit. Have a story, skip to the next paragraph if you want the actual juice review. About twenty years ago I stayed with my great Aunt in a remote corner of the Scottish Islands. It was an idyllic existence. I had a very young baby and two large dogs and I spent my days walking in the grounds of the big house and studying towards my OU psychology degree. My evening was spent acting as an old-fashioned lady’s companion. Playing Scrabble and Mahjong in front of the log fire while sipping a single small Gin and It, which was all we allowed ourselves. She taught me to mix them, with a dash of lemonade and a twist of lime, a single measure of gin and one of sweet vermouth, split between our two glasses.


The White House of Aros (Callum Black) / CC BY-SA 2.0


My first puff on the Caipirinha took me straight back to those Gin and Its. The flavour is not too sweet and the lime is nicely balanced against the delicately alcoholic flavour, which tastes more like vermouth than rum at first with that sweetness. Then as time goes on a dark warm rich treacle taste proves that it’s rum, but it never gets too sweet. All the flavour you could possibly want and a juice that develops and changes makes this a winner. There is decent vapour and a nice throat hit, but there is nothing harsh about this juice at all.

Has it really only been five months since I had a cigarette? That feels like it was part of another life. My secretive dirty lovely smoking habit that I loved and hated. I only hated it because I was pushed into the role of third class subhuman by the demonisation of smokers. The knee-jerk anti smoking people need to understand how the way they behave makes smokers feel. Imagine that some busy-body bustles into your life and tells you, nanny-style, that drinking your favourite hot beverage is killing you, and that you need to stop it. NOW! That’s how it feels, and don’t give me the wagging finger health warnings from that statement. I’m trying to explain it from a point of view that will be understood, not making a direct health risk analysis. Don’t keep doing that to vapers; engage with us and understand that we won’t go down quietly. We really have got too much to lose this time round. We let them get away with turning us into pariahs as smokers. It simply isn’t happening with our successful safer alternative. Out of my cold, dead hands. Over my dead body. Vaper for life.


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