My journey into vaping

Day 150. The UK’s reality cheque has bounced.

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I’m utterly astonished at the depths to which the UK has sunk. The Daily Record has published a piece which makes it clear that they have absolutely NO CLUE about the reality of life for a wheelchair user. Being able to walk at all is apparently grounds to say that you’re not entitled to use a wheelchair and you’re a fake if you do.

On top of that we have the Labour shadow health minister stating that e cigarettes are ABSOLUTELY a gateway into smoking, and proving that he is a blinkered fool who can’t check his sources.

“I think the finger wagging nanny state message does turn people off,” he said.

“You know ‘don’t do this, don’t do that’.

“That’s run its course.

“We’re saying it’s absolutely right for the state to intervene – and probably do so even more decisively than we did when we were in government – to protect children.”

In other words we won’t nanny you, we’ll just tell you that we’re right and you’re wrong. Like Jim and the Lion?

And always keep ahold of nurse
For fear of finding something worse.

The negative publicity from this will undoubtedly stop smokers from switching. I believe we’re already starting to see the effect of it all trickling down into the recent statistics for uptake of e cig use in the UK.

Those who advise on policy get an idea. That idea becomes fixed as “white Hat Bias” provides only supportive evidence. They impose their solution to the problem, and sit back and wait for it to work. When it doesn’t work, they say “Oh dear, people really are stupid. We have to do the same thing again, only bigger and better.” and it fails. Again.

This is dangerous ground, and it underlines yet again that the political system in this country is fundamentally flawed. The undercurrents of anger against this imposed top down idiocy is more now than I’ve ever experienced before. The media are (with honourable exceptions) just sensationalist idiots with the morality of midnight tom cats. I’m so angry I could spit nails. I’m a disabled, vaping, sugar consuming, red meat eating, slightly overweight, female, member of society and I’m not alone. Why not actually represent me instead of producing sensationalist nonsense that helps to discriminate against me? I’ll collect my leper’s bell and badge next week I presume.


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