My journey into vaping


Day 148. One size will never fit all.

My best friend is an awkward cuss. He has been happily vaping for four months, and yet he still can’t taste anything at all in his juice. This not a vape-breaking issue for him, he’s happy enough plodding along with whatever comes to hand from my cupboard, but sometimes when I talk about flavours he says he wishes he could taste anything from the juice he vapes. He doesn’t do menthol. He doesn’t like Afro Dizziac I do – it’s a rich flavoured aniseed and peppermint which cures a dose of vapers tongue without resorting to menthol for me because I don’t do menthol either. Red Astaire is out because of the menthol in it. I’ll keep on trying various flavours on him. Meanwhile I’ve tried him on various setups from the miniprotank to a Kayfun, a Squape (clone) to an RSST and three different drippers. I hit gold with the Igo-L because he could taste the flavour in that. It was a little harsh for him though, and where I’d shoved an 18mg juice in a dripper I’m not all that surprised it was harsh to be fair. I have Oriental Plunder and Bread of Heaven to try him on yet, once I’ve got the Igo-L rewicked.

Twitter were a great help, all the vapers offering help and advice. The strength of the vaper community, diversity of devices and the huge choice in juice means that eventually between us we will come up with something that works. That same vaper community that has been variously referred to as a cult and as organised industry sponsored fake individuals? Yes, us. We’re not a cult, just like minded individuals, with a few braincells and some common sense who are voluntarily following each other on social media. We’re not organised, we’re not even entirely in agreement with each other. There are groups within groups, yet just as in a large family where the members don’t always see eye to eye, when we are attacked we pull together. Attack vaping unfairly and we react. It really is that simple. The regulations that are currently being brought in restricting vaping choice and variability and even the community itself means that in all likelihood we wouldn’t be able to come up with something that works in every individual case. The innovation and variation that I’ve experienced even in five short months is amazing; I am sure that we’ll find something that suits Old Grumpy, just as I found things that suit me.

Vapers and vaping, part of the strength is in this diversity. Regulate it and you kill it. But those who are seeking to regulate it don’t understand it. Vaping is never going to work regulated as a medicine with which to treat nicotine dependence; you can try it that way, but “nicotine dependence” wasn’t the problem vaping was designed to solve. Vaping was designed by smokers, for smokers. It was always intended to be used by smokers instead of smoking. The diversity, the flavours, the variability of “dose” is a part of its strength. The community is also a part of its strength. Whatever side of the argument you’re on, engaging with vapers whether you agree with us or not, is always going to be more effective than standing against us. Repeating the same old tired and disproved arguments with two fingers in the air at two million UK vapers? That’s just idiotic.


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