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Day 146: In fact we’d all like an “evidence-based” approach to ecigs

122 public health and medical authorities from 31 countries write WHO DG Chan urging evidence-based approach to ecigs

This is how a “top” US professor writes, in his blog, of his correspondence with Dr. Margaret Chan, Director General of the world Health Organisation. My polite upbringing looks at this “tabloid headline” and dismisses it as pure media attention whoring, utterly boorish in presentation, and lacking any scientific substance in the content. I also consider it both rude, and grammatically incorrect. But I agree with him on one point. I hope with all my heart that the World Health Organisation do review their approach to e cigarettes on the sum of the real evidence, and are not swayed by how loudly those with no real evidence for their case are “screaming”.

I’m not going into the details of the letter. I’m just going to repeat this one point. I hope Dr Chan does look at the evidence, all of the evidence, study it and evaluate it. I hope all of the evidence is weighed on its merit, considering the specialities of the scientists presenting it, and that each study is evaluated both separately and on the merit of the references that it draws on. In other words I hope that all of the junk science that has been bandied about is exposed for the junk it is and dismissed.


I hope the outcome of all of this is, as Stanton Glantz says, “evidence based”. But then I don’t believe the evidence supports his stance. I actually don’t think he’d be at all happy with an evidence based outcome, but I would be, very happy indeed.


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