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Day 141: I’m a happy Drippa

I’m sick of bad news and politics. My happy place for newbie vapers went all politics and vaping science again. Not that it isn’t important, just that I seem to have been getting bogged down in the negative bits of vaping, and forgetting some of the positives. This morning I asked Daniel from if he’d mind me reviewing the first Drippa Box I’ve had from the gourmet juice service. He said, “That’s cool.”  I think he knows I like the service, seeing as how I told him so already, but he didn’t ask me to do this. I’ve paid for my subscription but paid or not this is my opinion and all opinions are subjective no matter what anyone tries to tell you about being objective. Especially when it comes to juice, taste and flavour is such a personal thing.

The Drippa experience is a really good one. It was developed by vapers, for vapers. Trying to find that one perfect all-day-vape might just turn into a quest for the holy grail where the journey is far more interesting than the prize. Juice after juice, much cheaper than shiny vape gear, but still not always the easiest things to get hold of.  Before you know it you’ve spent £50 on juice and postage, and you still don’t know what it tastes like to you. Daniel used to be in the same position. He wondered if there was a core group of vapers who wanted a variety of specialist juice flavours, designed by the top mixologists, posted to them once a month. He did some research and found that juice services like this were popular in the US. A little more consumer research and a lot of hard work later Drippa Gourmet Juice Boxes appeared for the first time. Five juices (with the odd extra surprise) once a month, delivered to your door for £30 including shipping. I think I’ve missed two months before I managed to get the money together to subscribe, but oh boy am I glad I did because these juices are epic. I know that is an overused expression, but I am seriously impressed.

So how does it work?

I took myself over to the Drippa site and hit the “Join Drippa Now” button. set up an account, and the site let me choose various categories of flavours to include or exclude. I don’t do menthol and neither does my best friend, so with how the flavour choices are set up that means I sacrifice mint flavours to my menthol hate, but so be it. I’m also a bit wary of citrus flavours, as citrus fruits do nasty things to my internal plumbing. I love most fruit flavours though so I’m not sacrificing them to my citrus issues. Best friend is fine with citrus, so if I lose, he wins. I could also choose lower nic or higher nic within certain ranges. I chose low nic. My menu selections made, I set up the subscription payment and that was it. I really didn’t expect to get my first box through all that fast, but that clever little brown cardboard tub showed up only a few days later. This is what I got, and what I thought of each of them. I tried each of them “blind” without looking up any descriptions on the web. I did peek at sites after I’d tried the juices though. Note: I like a mild throat hit.


The Juices.

Bread of Heaven; I get the anthem hymn tune stuck in my head every time I think about this juice. Sign of a misspent youth. I admit I was a little nervous trying this as people have said it’s a Marmite juice; you either love it or hate it. Fresh out of the bottle I get a nutty, yeasty, slightly sweet tobacco flavour with bitter notes, like tobacco done home made marmalade style. It truly is impossible to describe, but it is indeed heavenly enough to warrant my in head sound track of Welsh Male Voice Choir in five part harmony. I adore it as it is, but I limited myself to half the bottle because I believe (and have seen other people say) that it changes after a longer steep. I’m really looking forward to trying it again. Medium throat hit, but very smooth.

Oriental Plunder: I thought I could taste tea and ginger biscuits in this one, another slightly sweet tobacco with fruit and spice. There was something almost floral about it. Very nice indeed, a lot of flavour. The throat hit was as high as I’d like to go, yet not unpleasant. I believe this one will mellow out with a longer steep as well, although it was lovely straight out of the bottle.

Melon of Troy. I have a real weakness for melon flavours, and this is a good one. Light and dreamy for a summer afternoon Not too sweet, not heavy or cloying, more Galia than Honeydew, although there is watermelon in there. Medium throat hit. This bottle won’t last long at all.

Breakfast Drippa. This is a “guess the juice” flavour – an Accies exclusive – so I won’t spoil the surprise. Not so sure about breakfast, any time would be fine. I might be wrong as to what it is, but it seems to be one of those combinations that should not work, yet does. Medium throat hit.

Gravity: It’s a fruit punch, a sucker punch at that. Very sweet, yet not sickly. It’s not a thick vapour, but there’s enough to notice. Flavours combine and mellow back and come to the front again so that this changes through the day, and changes again if you’ve eaten something. There’s definitely citrus in this, but it isn’t giving me a hard time. Mellow, pretty and subtle. Very nicely done. Medium throat hit

Value for money?

I think the gourmet juice service is a fabulous idea and I’m really pleased to see it doing well in the UK. I would have paid far more than £30 to buy those juices individually, and I know I’ll have some left by the time my next brown tub drops into my postbox. If I ever get a juice I’m not fond of, I can go swap it on the forums, or even donate it to a vaper in need. Drippa also offer a money back guarantee that unopened juices will be exchanged for a full refund. Yes, I think this is good value for money. I have my home made juices for all day, and my Drippa selection to add to my higher quality juices that I swap out to so I don’t stop tasting my juice. Vaping gear is lovely and I want all of the shiny things, but if you don’t like the taste of what you’re vaping, or you stick to one thing all the time, then I think you’re missing out. Maybe you like one flavour and you aren’t bored with it. Maybe the best part of every trip is the journey.


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