My journey into vaping

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Day 140: Nope. Nope. Nope.

I’m not even going to link to the latest idiocy from Stanton Glantz. The timing of the release of that shamefully biased pseudo-science is telling, it is obviously to generate publicity for his utterly discredited views with the All Party Pharmacy Group’s event happening today. Instead I shall wish all the very best to people I count as friends taking part in that event.

I have always lived my life guided by two main tenets; my daughters could chorus them with me and in fact often told me to shut up when I repeated them yet again.

Do as you would be done by. Stand on your own two feet and don’t stand on anyone else’s toes.

Because this is my blog and I have no one watching over my shoulder to tell me what I can and can’t say I apply these life-rules to the message I’m putting over. I give the information that I believe I would want to know, I do it so that my thought processes are clear to the reader, and I try very hard not to mislead. I seek to give real balance, not hype.  I do so wish other people would treat me with the same courtesy.


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