My journey into vaping

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Day 122: where am I now in my vaping journey.

Vaping has become a hobby for me, more than either smoking or giving up ever could. I’ve made a load of new on-line friends, produced more writing on one set subject than I ever thought possible. I’ve learned to coil, found my own wick material (Natural Cotton Dishcloth Knitting/Crochet Yarn)  which I love. I’ve learned to make my own juice and I’m confident that although I won’t beat anyone in a cloud contest, I can produce decent flavour and vapour from my gear. Here’s what I was on the day before yesterday – note that I’m not on the Affro-dizziac tonight, I’m on my home made bubblegum.


Although that looks like a lot of money’s worth, I really haven’t spent that much. This is hobby vaping on a budget. Using my common sense and shopping around the most expensive thing there was the VTR. And look, three of those things are rebuildables! If you’re new to vaping and are a bit intimidated by the whole idea of getting into coiling, trust me; if I can do it (with help from a second pair of hands and eyes that doesn’t know what they’re doing), anyone can. I have wonky hands, grip issues, double vision and I can’t manage most fine hand movements, but coiling is easy – and your coils don’t have to look perfect, they just have to work. Once you know how, it’s simple.

Yesterday I watched Professor Robert West on VTTV, and it was an amazing show. I was a little depressed looking at that image thinking how much of it would be outlawed under the new regs come 2016, but he gave me hope again. The tide seems to be turning as more and more people look at the evidence both for and against vaping, and come down on the side of common sense. I hope that in 4 years I’ll be able to look back at the beginning of this blog, with the latest greatest mod and a really nice atomiser, with a cracking flavour of juice. Blow out a cloud and say then as I say now, “God I love vaping.”


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