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Day 121: If you vape, advocate!

I’ve seen this little tagline slogan appear from vapers in the States, where their fight against bans and the FDA is gaining momentum. As I said in a comment on this blog; I’m stealing it unashamedly. We need to advocate in two ways; firstly, we need to tell people that vaping works as a direct replacement for smoking. Secondly, we need to tell the people who make the rules that vaping won’t work if they scaremonger, ban, tax, over regulate and do all of the other things they’re doing wrong right now.

When I first started doing my research into vaping four months ago, I didn’t look at vendor sites. I went to google and looked for results from other people like me who had switched. Back then I didn’t even know the word “Vape” existed, less that there were hundreds of people just like me out there who had managed to switch. I stumbled across a youtube channel: Robert the Armed vaper, which lead on to Vaping Cookie and Phil Bursado. Through VTTV,  and RY4 Radio which convinced me it wasn’t a US only phenomenon – remember I knew nothing – and on to UK Vapers then planet of the vapes and finally ECF.  Yes I was doing research, but it wasn’t safety or health concerns that I looked at first. I checked them later. I didn’t sleep at all that night.The one question I wanted answered was, “Does this vaping lark work, and will it work for me?”  the answers I got, from vapers who advocate, was a resounding, YES, Vapers, tobacco free, actually using devices that replaced smoking for them, and enjoying it. I went to a vendor site and ordered an itaste VV3 with a mini protank II and some juice,

I started this blog before I tried my second generation ecig. I started it so that I could document the attempt as a blogging exercise, but it has become so much more than that. I now blog to advocate to pay it forward from those that advocated to me.  Without vapers, strangers who held out a hand to me, I wouldn’t have switched. That is one of the most important parts of advocating. Just being another anecdote standing there saying, “It works for me.” Makes a huge difference.

I never intended for this blog to become political. This was always going to be a newbie resource. I started vaping at a time when vapers had been fighting for my right to vape before I even knew vaping existed. I have to wade in and join the lines in that fight; to do less than stand with them now lessens the tears and the frustration and the anger that they’ve  experienced on my behalf in the years before I started vaping. I will advocate in that sense too; calmly stating facts, changing opinions “One heart and mind at a time.” to quote Dave Dorn. I love the EFVI initiative, it is massively important, and we need to get everyone signing it. Dodoboxes need to be everywhere, from Libraries to pubs to GP and dentist surgeries. BUT we can’t rest on our EFVI laurels, or wait for other people to take up legal challenges to the rules and regulations. We need to be out there, correcting misinformation, pulling people on bad science, writing and asking people to cite their research and look at their misconceptions. Calmly and quietly, one opinion, one bad idea, one heart and mind at a time. If you vape, advocate.


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