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Day 117: Now for something a little different. Liberty Flights Juice.

Liberty Flights sent me these as part of the thank you gift, which included the starter kit I used as part of my guide for new vapers. They didn’t ask me to review them here, but they did ask for feedback. If I’m giving feedback I may as well share my ramblings with you as well. Juice is subjective, this is my opinion, your mileage may vary etc. I’ve tested these over the last few weeks on the Orieco Storm dripper, on craft cotton wick at 12 watts and in the CE4 on the ego battery. These write ups are taken from the voice notes I made while vaping, and are only edited for grammar. You have been warned.

XO PG Tobacco. 1.8% (from the starter kit)

This is a very pleasant slightly sweet tobacco flavour. There is no harshness at all to this. Although this will sound needlessly pretentious I’m compelled to state for honesty’s sake that I can taste the smell of new cut grass on the exhale in this. I never claimed not to be weird. It is only very slightly sweet, and it reminds me of the taste from that first drag of a tobacco ciggie after long abstinence, when it actually tasted nice. Not at all rough still giving a throat hit, but there is no hint of peppery nicotine.

XO PG Tobacco Supreme. 1.2%

This is rich and drier flavoured but yet still smooth, chocolate and dark hints of something woodsy. I’m amazed that these PG based juices are so smooth in fact. More throat hit than I’d usually like yet I’m reaching for this in preference to my home made caramel in the RSST first thing in the morning, which really surprises me.

XO  Jallipo Bears. 67% VG/33% PG 1.2%

Oh my that’s sweet, not sickly or cloying though. I remember sorting through all of the flavours of sweet in the bag and stuffing one of each flavour into my mouth at once; this is that taste. I really didn’t think I’d like this, but I do. This is the only juice from LF that I tried that was better tasting in the dripper than the CE4.

XO PG Berry Nice. 1.2%

I really like this, enough sweetness to make you want to vape it, but not so much as to put you off. The individual fruit flavours are distinguishable and it is altogether very pleasant. Smooth vapour with a throat hit that doesn’t make you gasp.Two hours after my second drip of this best friend has stolen it and reports that it’s “all right.”

XO PG Cherry Menthol 1.2%

I don’t do menthol so I gave this to the vaping kitchen fitter/painter/jack of all trades and then interrogated him asked him for his opinion. He vapes on an evod on an ego style battery. “Not bad. Not as strong as throat sweets, lots of sweet cherry and the menthol isn’t in your face, which is a good thing. What’s a throat hit? Oh. Is that something people want? Not so much, but I’ve never really even thought about that. It gives plenty of vapour.”

XO PG Energy Kick 1.2%

That’s not the least bit sour. Energy drink makes me make the duck face from hell, and I thought this would do the same, but it doesn’t at all. Smoothly sweet and not over flavoured with a nice throat hit and a reasonable amount of vapour. Not for me, but not unpleasant at all.

So there you have it, juice reviews; something I never intended to do here. One of the joys of vaping is discovering the lovely flavours out there and finding the best ones for you. Trying flavours that I never thought I’d like has been a part of vaping for me since day three. My advice from my limited experience is to keep an open mind; you might just find that the one flavour you thought you’d hate turns out to be your new all-day-vape.


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