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Day 115: I love the French; they’re doing REAL Ecig research.

This article in Le parisien  is well worth breaking out your translation tool in order to read. The conclusions drawn are very positive that the only gateway from vaping is AWAY from tobacco. I haven’t yet seen the actual study this report is based on, so I can’t yet see if it’s making any social science mistakes, but the conclusions drawn are being reported very positively indeed.

“There is a change in social image,” Bertrand Dautzenberg said in analysis, “With the electronic cigarette, tobacco became a dirty and nerdy product.”

Which is pretty much what happens when you switch to a non-combustion product. It is the difference between a coal fire and a radiator. As much as I love my coal fire it is dirty, smelly and expensive (ecologically and monetarily) to use. I loved my tobacco; I love my vape more. On the face of this article it looks as if research is finding what vapers have been saying would happen. Vaping is, apparently, denormalising smoking. They found that 20% of 12-15 year-olds smoked in 2011, reduced to 11.2% now. Same dynamic in high school, where 42.9 % were smoking in 2011, 33.5% of students smoked in 2014. And they attribute this drop in smoking rates amongst younger people entirely to the ecig.

“One must be careful, the attraction of new products is very high [amongst younger people], we must see if it is in the long term,” says Beatrice Le Maitre, tobaccologist CHU Caen. “But, if the numbers of people starting to smoke has declined at least, we can rejoice.

I would like to see the raw data analysed (where I’m not struggling to translate it before caffeine) and make sure that there aren’t correlation/causation issues with the conclusions, but honestly that was a lovely article to begin my day with today. Vive la France !


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