My journey into vaping


Day 107: New study shows high toxin levels, bad science bingo.

I was going to do a long drawn out discussion of this issue, but I don’t need to. Dr Farsalinos has given all of the technical details.

Eyes down for a full house:

  • The researchers could not provide any information about the resistance of the atomisers used.
  • They used a machine to produce vapour – vaping is not smoking and the same protocols won’t work.
  • At the tested levels there would be very few vapers that could inhale vapour containing these levels of toxins: It would taste vile.
  • They used a top coil atomiser, not a rebuildable with good wick and the right resistance for the voltage.

What have they proven? What experienced vapers tell beginners like me all of the time.

  • Don’t play with this stuff until you know what you’re doing.
  • If it tastes burnt, don’t vape it and work out what’s wrong.
  • Rebuildables are for experienced vapers willing to work to get things right.
  • If your dripper is starting to lose flavour, pull the top off and check. Learn to drip more juice *before* you get a dry hit. In a month of dripping I’ve had only one dry puff and I’m a) using cotton yarn and b) a clueless newbie.

The trouble with common sense is that it isn’t common. In other news, my granny knew how to suck eggs long before you were born.


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