My journey into vaping


Day One Hundred. Now I’ve got my starter kit, what do I do with it?

Today’s post follows on from my quickstart guide where I made suggestions as to what the new vaper should start with. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, or a medical expert, I am giving my opinion and backing it up with the research I’ve found. Please draw your own conclusions and do your own research. My opinions should never be taken as medical advice. I am not a scientist, or researcher and I might be wrong.

So, you’ve had your first vapemail. Your postman has delivered this shiny new kit, and lots of lovely juice, now what? The very first thing to do is charge the battery. I know it’s a new toy and you’re itching to try it, but you need to give it a good charge. Use the manufacturer’s charger (only ever use the manufacturer’s charger for everything you ever charge) and leave it until the red light turns green and the fire button goes out for the CE4, or until the fire button light goes out on the iTaste.


Meanwhile you can read the instructions for your atomiser. They all work reasonably similarly, although these two that I’m demonstrating fill at different ends. First the CE4. In the starter kit this is assembled when it gets to you. To fill it you unscrew the mouthpiece, which can be a tight fit, and fill on a tilt to the max line without getting juice in the chimney. There was juice in mine already in these pictures because I’d been using it. I was refilling with the same juice, and it was only the second fill so I didn’t clean it. You will of course rinse it through and let it dry regularly, especially when changing flavours.


The opening on the CE4 is pretty narrow; it is a tight fit to get a fat juice bottle nozzle in there. You’ll want something with a pointy end on it like Liberty Flights’ own juice bottles which have a nicely shaped spout. That said, the chimney itself is a tiny little tube so it’s actually quite easy to avoid getting juice into it even with a fat nozzle bottle. Once you’ve filled it, screw the mouthpiece back on and then you can screw the CE4 onto the battery – but don’t over tighten it. You want it so that it won’t move in use, but no effort will unscrew it again. Press the fire button five times fast and it’ll flash at you to say that it’s switched on. Press it once and see the blue light comes on to check that you’ve switched it on and not off, and then it’s ready to use. Press the button while you inhale and let go once you’ve stopped. It won’t let you hold the button for longer than 5 seconds. You’ll be able to see where the wicks stick out inside the CE4. These absorb your juice and wick it to the coil so that when you press the button it heats up and produces vapour. As you vape down the tank the wicks will appear. Don’t worry about them not getting wet because you naturally tilt the ecig to use it so plenty of juice will get to the wick.

For the miniprotank II the only real difference is that it fills from the base, not the top. The same rules apply though. It comes with everything put together except the coil isn’t fitted in the base. Take one of the coils out of its little plastic widget and screw it firmly into the dark metal ring. Then fill with juice down the side of the glass on a tilt, taking care not to get any in the chimney, which is the metal tube in the middle.


Yes, that’s not really the right angle in the second picture. I’m filling against the side of the glass nearest the camera there, which doesn’t help you much. The O rings in the protanks are important, without them the juice tends not to stay where you put it. You have spares with your protank, don’t misplace them. When you first put it together, check that both ends of the glass tube are sitting against an O ring, and that there is a third around the base where the coil screws in. You can see that one in the picture, although it generally sits slightly lower than that. Also check that they are still there after each clean. To clean I dump the component parts of a single atomiser/clearomiser into a sieve and run them under hot water, rinsing anything that still has juice on it separately. The sieve stops any small parts from vanishing down the drain. Then I stand the bits on paper towel and let them dry. Screw the whole protank together firmly, and then screw it onto the battery. Again, never screw anything onto a battery too tight. You want it firm enough to hold so that it doesn’t move while you’re using it, but not so tight that you need force to loosen it.

The iTaste VV3 is a variable voltage and wattage battery which makes it a little more complex, but handy to have. You don’t have to set both volts and watts. It is only necessary to set one. For the beginner I suggest using the watts setting. I go into watts and volt settings in more detail here but in essence, it all comes down to heat. To quote that post – “In an oversimplification that’s so bad it’s almost a lie, Watts = Heat. Turn it up and the coil is hotter, down and it’s cooler. If you’re getting a hot, burnt taste, then turn the wattage back. If it’s too cool, turn it up a bit. A recent poll on UKvapers suggests that a lot of people find that about 8 watts is fine.”  Three fast clicks turns it on for a traffic light show to confirm you switched it on, and then you press the fire button while you inhale. It won’t let you hold the fire button for more than 10 seconds or it will cut off. The fire button is also your battery level warning. Green is good, yellow means charge soon and red is dead. To set VW mode hold the plus button down first, then the Fire button, then press the plus or minus until you get the setting you want.


These two ecigs are not the same size, I swear. In fact that CE4 on its battery is almost life sized on my screen. The iTaste is bigger.


All set up and ready to go. The thing to remember with ecigs is not to take a short sharp inhale. It’s far better to take long, slow puffs and the inhale should be much more gentle than you would on a tobacco cigarette. If you have problems, then there is a lot of help out there. Your vendor will help, as will other vapers. The CE4 is disposable and should last you about 2-3 weeks before it needs replaced. The miniprotank coils should last about the same amount of time, but you only need change the coils on them. The batteries will both last a fair while before you need to replace them.

I do suggest buying spares of everything, and as I’m not a vendor and have no financial incentive for telling you to do so, I’ll say it again. Buy spares. If your lighter broke, it was easy to get a replacement, or at a pinch find another way to light your cigarette. If you ran out of ciggies, then the 24 hour garage would sell you more. Even though juice is easier to get hold of since garages started stocking it, a battery and atomiser/clearomiser might be a little trickier. I suggest at least a week’s supply of juice, and 2 spare CE4s, or 3 spare coils and even a second miniprotank II as a back up. A second battery is always a good plan too. The vendors I suggest on this blog get things out to you really quickly, but you don’t want to be in the position of having nothing till the postman gets to you tomorrow.

My suggestions here are just that. Suggestions. There are other good clearomisers and atomisers and batteries out there and other vapers may disagree with my recommendations. I’d take my starter guides as jumping off points. You can see how these things work, and what’s involved in setting them up. Now you have a better idea of how to go about finding something that’ll suit you long term. As much as I love the flavours, and I do love the flavours, the next best bit about vaping is all the shiny gear.

The post I just wrote finishes above that line. I shall be adding this paragraph to every post on this blog. This is an appeal from me for you to stand with my vaping crowd and support us in staying off cigarettes. Please go and sign this legal challenge to EU law; it is not just another petition and we need YOUR help whether you vape or not. Thank you:



Liberty Flights sent me the CE4 starter kit, and some eliquids, as a thank you gift. They didn’t ask me to review it, I’m just really happy with it.



Nicotine is classed as a poison in its pure form.  Keep your Electronic Cigarette and cartridges / fluids locked away and out of the reach of children and pets. Toxic if swallowed. Very toxic in contact with skin. After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. In case of accident, or if you feel unwell seek medical advice immediately, show the label to the medical practitioner.
Always use the manufacturers charger to recharge your ecig battery and never leave a charging battery (mobile phone, camera, laptop or ecig) unattended while charging. Always unplug your chargers when not in use. Check cords are not loose, frayed or damaged and that all connections are clear of juice.