My journey into vaping

Day Forty Five, Public health does have a human face

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Louise Ross, Leicester Stop Smoking Service Manager appeared on VTTV last night. I need to thank her before I even start waffling, because she’s given me more hope in the hour I was watching that show than I’ve had since my first fill of ejuice stopped me wanting to smoke a cigarette. Yesterday I said that I didn’t understand why no one in public health seemed to be able to do the research and come up with a balanced opinion on ecigs; all I was seeing from the majority was a kneejerk “ecigs bad!” I was watching on catchup so I could actually watch as my routine has been very disrupted this last three weeks, and there was this lovely genuine person who had done the research giving out a balanced and objective opinion on the whole subject of ecigs. This caring and genuine woman had listened to vapers, stood in a room where people were vaping and noticed that there was no smell, talked to vapers, understood where we were coming from. Louise gets it; she understands. I knew that if public health could get beyond the surface of vaping and actually see the reality, then there would be no question about their coming on board so we could work with them.

This is the person who the media should turn to as a face of public health when it comes to ecigs. The new service that she’s set up in Leicester looks set to generate good statistics on vaping collected in such a way as to be a representative sample and provide a basis for more services to draw on to make balanced and reasonable choices about harm reduction strategies.

When faced with automatic rejection my reaction is normally to kneejerk back, and from the wheelchair that can be a little painful for the recipient. I hope other people within the anti-ecig camp hear what Louise has to say with an open mind for the possibilities. But even if they don’t, the numbers will most likely still support vaper’s arguments. For that we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime my heartfelt thanks goes out to Louise. Definitely one of the good ones, if not one of the best.


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