My journey into vaping

Day Thirty Six, The law is an arse.

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Despite all the flaws article 18 of the TPD has been passed into EU law. Well my friends, I’m not singing as I have a bad throat. The fat lady is silent. There is a plan B. We have not even been knocked down by this. This is not the end. Plan B now swings into action, and we will win. is not just another petition, but it needs your support. With a million signatures we can actually get into the EU regulatory process and make a difference.

The EFVI is an important part of plan B, but it isn’t the only way that vapers will be fighting to change what happened today. ECITA and Aiduce have plans for legal challenges, other vapers and organisations will follow. So don’t panic, don’t do anything daft, don’t do anything to make us look less like the reasonable adults we all are. Vape on, as Dave Dorn would say, vape hard, and nil carborundum illigitimi.

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” ― Mahatma Gandhi.


Author: Beki

A Mad middle aged woman who lives in the middle of nowhere, Scotland with a parrot, two Jack Russells, some koi, and a tank full of tropical fish. I have M.E. but that's really not important. I draw, paint, write, game, garden, blog and enjoy a good vape. I have three lovely grown up offspring, and 2 ex-husbands. I do genuinely have the legal title of 'Lady Rebecca Jane [SURNAME]', and am proud to support the restoration project which bestowed that title on me. I will happily explain where to find more information on this if you contact me.

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