My journey into vaping

Day Thirty One, One month on, why on earth is this vaping lark political?

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Today marks one month of vaping for me. I have found the switch easy, in every way except one. Over the top of every refill of my mini protank hangs the question mark. Will I still be allowed to do this in a month’s time. In a years time. In two years time? I love vaping. I love the flavours and the direct replacement for a stinky fag that has become better than smoking for me. I love the fact that I don’t stink of eau de ashtray, that I’m breathing more easily, that I can taste my food, that I have all of the advantages of not smoking, and none of the drawbacks of withdrawal apart from the mouth ulcer of doom. Yes, that is a symptom of giving up tobacco. No, it’s not caused by using an ecig. Yes, I got them when I quit cold turkey, every time I quit cold turkey. I also got them when I used patches, so it’s not related to oral nicotine use.

My quit attempt is not yet seen as successful by smoking cessation statistic markers; they like to see the 12 week mark reached. I’ll tell you now that I won’t be smoking at 12 weeks IF my choice to vape rather than smoke hasn’t been legislated away. If vaping my second generation device becomes illegal, I’ll have no choice but to go back to tobacco. That hangs over my head all the time. This is one reason why this blog has taken a turn towards the political, and it shouldn’t have to.

A reasonable and informed decision to use an ecig to move away from smoking lit tobacco should not be legislated against. I ought not to be put in the position where it is entirely possible that my chosen healthier alternative to smoking lit tobacco is outlawed by the very people who are entrusted with my health and well being.

It is ludicrous that the very devices that work (second and third generation, with higher nicotine levels) are being discriminated against, while the less effective (and arguably less safe) first generation devices that the tobacco companies are bringing out, are the ones that we will be left with.

Public health playing into the hands and profits of the tobacco companies. This is wrong, and it needs to be shouted about. But it seems to me that the only people listening are my fellow vapers. I feel as if I’m standing in a sound proof room with a megaphone shouting that these things will save smokers from early painful deaths by the million, and public health are basically saying, “let them die, smokers don’t count.”

Millions of preventable deaths; every can’t quit won’t quit smoker out there could switch to vaping given the information and a good device, and no holier than thou BS that would turn them off the whole idea. Millions of preventable early deaths. MILLIONS. Why do you, the non-smoker, not care? Cleaner air for you. No second hand smoking, no ‘third hand’ smoking. I’ve linked the research and the studies that prove that vaping is safer than smoking.

Why is no one listening?


Author: Beki

A Mad middle aged woman who lives in the middle of nowhere, Scotland with a parrot, two Jack Russells, some koi, and a tank full of tropical fish. I have M.E. but that's really not important. I draw, paint, write, game, garden, blog and enjoy a good vape. I have three lovely grown up offspring, and 2 ex-husbands. I do genuinely have the legal title of 'Lady Rebecca Jane [SURNAME]', and am proud to support the restoration project which bestowed that title on me. I will happily explain where to find more information on this if you contact me.

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