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Day Twenty Four, What should ASH (Scotland) do about ecigs?

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Yesterday I heard about this:

I looked into the credentials of the speakers. Every single speaker there is against the use of ecigs. No vapers, no balance, no dissenting voices. No one to put any opinion other than ASH (Scotland)’s outdated views, in paraphrase; ecigs will be regulated as medical devices in the UK by 2016, and this is a Good Idea (TM) because we don’t know enough about them, nicotine is highly addictive and always bad. Tobacco companies are involved, this is bad. They may be gateways into smoking and the flavourings are obviously being marketed at children. So in my opinion their conclusion will most likely be: Shock horror, no medregs! We need to campaign against ecigs, get them banned, get them outlawed. And so on, with a little added “Won’t anyone think of the children!”

Yesterday Konstantinos E. Farsalinos and Riccardo Polosa published their latest study. The gist of this study is that they draw the same conclusions as I do from the available data. in their opinion vaping is a safer alternative to smoking lit tobacco. The difference is that they drew on much more data than I did, and went through it with a very rigorous eye to detail and corroboration.

What do I think ASH (Scotland) should do about ecigs? Invite Dr Farsalinos to speak at their summit. By listening to someone who can give a balanced opinion on the subject, they might just get a better idea about what to do about them. In my opinion they should be encouraging their use.

Ecigs save lives.


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