My journey into vaping

Day Four, Watt the Ug.

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Still being well and truly kicked sideways by reaction to overdoing things. Currently rocking a ‘viral’ episode, which is quite normal for me. Not smoking tobacco is definitely a plus in this situation, I am far safer and less likely to get an actual infection on top of this stupid immune system response to something that isn’t there.

I researched varying the volts/watts on my little device. Firstly you don’t have to set both, run either in V or W. Secondly, it all comes down to heat. In an oversimplification that’s so bad it’s almost a lie, Watts = Heat. Turn it up and the coil is hotter, down and it’s cooler. If you’re getting a hot, burnt taste, then turn the wattage back. If it’s too cool, turn it up a bit. A recent poll on UKvapers suggests that a lot of people find that about 8 watts is fine.

Variable voltage is a little more complex. If you can only set a voltage then you have to check the resistance of your atomiser in ohms, do a little calculation, and set the voltage manually each time you swap out what you’re vaping at to get it at about the wattage you like. Too high and you can burn things, (including burning the coil out) too low and it won’t do anything at all. This is why I got variable wattage in the first place: I like things simple, especially when brain-fog kicks in. I started at a low wattage, dialed it up bit by bit till it got a bit too hot, then dialed it back to Goldilocks’s happy spot. Set it and forget it. You might find that you fiddle with it when switching juices, but other than that it’s simple.

If all of that isn’t enough to send you screaming for the hills, and you’re still unsure of how hot you can go without burning the coil, or you actually want to play with Ohm’s law (UG!) have a vaping power chart:


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A Mad middle aged woman who lives in the middle of nowhere, Scotland with a parrot, two Jack Russells, some koi, and a tank full of tropical fish. I have M.E. but that's really not important. I draw, paint, write, game, garden, blog and enjoy a good vape. I have three lovely grown up offspring, and 2 ex-husbands. I do genuinely have the legal title of 'Lady Rebecca Jane [SURNAME]', and am proud to support the restoration project which bestowed that title on me. I will happily explain where to find more information on this if you contact me.

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